In today's entertainment news, we discussed the awkward way Disney censored Daryl Hannah's butt in "Splash." In an effort to make the 1984 film more family friendly, Disney covered a scene that partially showed Hannah's butt by making her hair appear longer than it is. To begin with, in the movie, Madison (played by Hannah) already has long hair. The move to censor her bottom upset not only movie purists but also people who admire butts. The end result is weird and looks like a fur shag carpet.

Other's have noticed that Disney is doing their best to edit and censor certain films to appease their family oriented platform and recently, I was informed of an edit Disney did that had me shooketh!

We all know "Lilo & Stitch" right? Well, I can clearly remember when it first came out in 2002 the scene where Lilo gets into the dryer to hide from her sister, Nani, and comes out only to have Nani trap her in a blanket. It's a cute scene.

Well, if you're a Disney+ subscriber this scene looks a little different. In it, Lilo is instead inside what looks like a table with a pizza box covering it.

My nephews didn't even realize it was different but I knew something was off. Apparently, it was edited so that children to get the idea to hide in dryers, which is dangerous. If you remember the scene and re-watched it differently, you're not crazy.

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