This is always a topic I'm willing to write about. Sleep and rest. It's something that plays a rather large role in our lives, here on the MoSho, because our schedule is so odd compared to most other people's schedules. Apparently, there are 7 different kinds of rest:

  1. Physical rest - This can be passive, which includes sleeping or napping, or active which means doing something like yoga, meditating, or even just laying around.
  2. Mental rest - Your brain needs a break just as much as your body. This is even more important if you work long hours. A 20-minute break is all you need.
  3. Sensory rest - With the amount screens we're glued to on a daily basis, we need extended breaks. This is especially important right before bed.
  4. Creative rest - Very similar to a mental rest, it's taking a break from problem solving.
  5. Emotional rest - Make sure to separate yourself from things that can make you feel emotionally overwhelmed, like friends and family.
  6. Social rest - This doesn't have to much to do with separating yourself from social situations, but more to do with being around the positive and supportive people in your life while spending less time with the negative.
  7. Spiritual rest - You can do this anyway you want, but use the time to help you find a greatest sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose.

This list of 7 comes from TED's "How to Be a Better Human" series, and it focuses on gaining restoration in those seven areas of your life.

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