If you haven't been following what's been going on with Wall Street recently, here's a synopsis. A bunch of regular people were using an app called Robinhood to buy stocks. A large group of these regular people jacked the price of the GameStop stock through the roof. This screwed over a bunch of rich people who were betting GameStop stock would tank. Well, the rich people weren't happy about this because they lost BILLIONS of dollars. So Robinhood jumped in and actually halted all trades involving GameStop or any other stock that may have been going up too quickly. If you want a more detailed explanation of what happened, go check out the Today Explained podcast wherever you get your podcasts They do a great job breaking it all down.

Now, let's fast forward to today where we have people on the left and right agreeing with each other. First it started with a tweet from AOC that had a familiar Texas face agreeing with her.

Has the world turned completely upside down?! What's happening?! No, because AOC promptly clapped back at Cruz because, well, you know, that whole insurrection thing that he was a part of.


Of course, with the GameStop stock saga going on, the Conspiracy subreddit has been busy. Some making sense, others really going far out there. The following tweets are honestly some of the more sane ones found over on the Conspiracy subreddit. There were a few that were relating the GameStop stock to election machines. Seriously, that was a thing.

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