I'm frequently asked to give my eyeball opinion of various items in the news. Why, here's one I received just today about talk show host Laura Ingraham's speech at the RNC: What's your take on this?

Oooh...that's not good. My first inclination was to say anything that looks THAT much like a Nazi salute must have been digitally altered. Taken at face value, it really looks like Laura Ingraham goes to give the Heil Hitler salute but at the last minute realizes she's not at a Nazi rally (well, at least not that kind of Nazi rally) and turns the salute into a kind of pageant princess wave to the crowd.

After checking multiple sources, I was able to conclude that the video, in fact, wasn't altered. But that doesn't mean Ingraham was actually giving the Seig Heil salute. Right-wing bloggers quickly produced multiple images of Queen Hillary making a similar gesture. In fairness to Hillary, these are still photos, not the military-style heel-click turn and straight-arm salute Ingraham seems to do.

But the question was "what's your take on this?" Do I think she was actually giving a Nazi salute. Nah. Whenever you wave a certain way or even reach for something off of a shelf, I guess it can kinda look like you're Seig Heiling.

I've read Laura Ingraham's books. She's pretty far on the right but I don't think she's ever strayed into Warmacht territory.

Not that other supporters of Trump haven't. No, I'd be much more concerned about the many ... many ... MANY neo-Nazis white supremacists and other fellow travelers who support Trump and openly acknowledge themselves for what they are. This little lady unfortunate gesture doesn't hold a candle to those people.