Tonight is the Taste of El Paso event and we were able to get one of the restaurants, Desert Oak Barbeque into the studio to talk about their meat. If there's one thing Texans love, it's some good barbecue. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and lots of cuts of meats as well. Desert Oak Barbecue is a local spot where you can check out some of the freshest cuts and tastiest Central Texas-style meats in town. What started out as a local food truck where you had to get in line early to make sure you got the good before they run out, now we have a spectacular restaurant to go to and eat some of their delicious cuts of meat.

The Buzz Adams Morning Show was lucky to have the owners come into the morning show and let us sample some of their mouth-watering brisket right here in the studio. While carving up the meat, we got the master carver to explain to us the difference between the lean and fatty meats. Clearly, Lisa was incredibly invested in this explanation.

You can check out Desert Oak Barbecue tonight at Taste of El Paso at the El Paso Convention Center. There will be 20 different, local eateries featured at Taste of El Paso that you can sample and enjoy. Tickets are still on sale and you can buy them now at the website.

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