Dennis Hof owns seven legal brothels in the state of Nevada, including the Love Ranch — the scene of Lamar Odom's nearly fatal hooker and drug misadventure last week.

Dennis loves only one thing more than self-promotion (vaj) so he was happy to open up to us on the Morning Show on Tuesday. I feel we even got some details heretofore unknown.

Hof said Lamar had been communicating via Instagram with the Love Ranch's transgender prostitute, Madison Montag, before booking his stay, although he didn't end up hiring Madison once he got there, something Hof said made Madison jealous.

According to Dennis, it was Lamar's choice to spend $75,000 on the girls, but that there are clients who spend less, and more.

Here are some of the juicy details you'll hear if you listen to this interview with Dennis:

  • The jealous transvestite that thought the other girls were hogging Lamar's time.
  • Why Dennis believes there's a Kardashian Curse on the men involved with these succubi.
  • How much for the "Lamar Odom Special?"