Good news for Deftones fans and a cool vid of Chino with Filter!

The good news is Deftones are coming to Texas!  (Unfortunately, there's STILL no El Paso date.)  Here's the list ... so far:

  • 5/25 — Lubbock, Texas
  • 5/27 — Laredo, Texas
  • 5/28 — Pharr, Texas
  • 5/30 — Corpus Christi, Texas

More good news as Deftones also announced that they have begun work on the follow up to Koi No Yokan! Chino has been working with his new band Crosses lately, but says:

I haven’t personally started [writing], but the other guys started last week, so I’m excited to hear what they’ve done so far. I’m going to go check in with them next week.”

“When we make records we don’t plan out what kind of record we’re going to make. We never have. It’s like we react to each other. One guy starts playing something and then one guy reacts to it, the other guy reacts to it and the next thing you know, we have a song. I always think that’s the best organic way to write music.”

Hopefully, we can lure them in to El Chuco since they're in Texas anyway.

In the meantime, here's Chino sitting in with Filter!