Tonight calls for some Deftones shenanigans in honor of the 10th anniversary for Diamond Eyes. It was May 4, 2010, released their sixth album Diamond Eyes that continues to shine bright like a diamond. I always played that album on CD in the previous car I owned. Now when you see played you're thinking I stopped when in fact it wasn't my choice. Long story short my son put in my Diamond Eyes CD into a tiny room of space that wasn't the player. So now I just listen to the album online instead of hearing it on the disc.

I have so much love for that album I plan on revisiting that album with Deftones tonight. Deftones are hosting a 10 year anniversary listening party on YouTube later this evening. The party will be kicking off at 7 pm tonight online hosted by the guys themselves.

The guys also want you to do a little something for them before the listening party begins. Deftones would like for you to settle in your favorite safe place where you plan on listening and share it. They would like for you to surround yourself with your favorite Deftones memorabilia, grab a cold one, and light a candle. When you've settled yourself in take a picture of your space, tag them, and hashtag #DIAMONDEYES10.

I am looking forward to tonight's listening party that people from all over the world will be joining in. I am mostly excited to hear the guys and listening to music celebrating one of their greatest creations, Diamond Eyes.

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