If you're a fan of the Deftones, then you definitely woke up in the best mood and it's all thanks to the band! Deftones are the reason I have a big smile on my face this lovely Monday!

The Deftones announced how awesome it has been doing line-ups that they thought they should do their own too! This will be their first annual "Dia De Los Deftones" and the band is totally looking forward to it. The festival will be held at Petco Park's Park at the Park in San Diego, California. The line-up will include Future, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, Rocket From The Crypt, Ho99o9, Doja Cat, and Voww and Vein. The show begins at 2 pm and is an all-ages show and can just imagine the excitement for the Deftones fans that are parents. This has me wanting to take my son so it can be our first concert together! This is some exciting news and hope to be a part of their "Dia De Los Deftones" event. The music genre will range from rap to rock and to Italian Death-Metal that evening. It has been way overdue since I last saw the Deftones perform, and to me, this past March is overdue to me. The last time I saw them was in San Antonio for the Botanica Fest at Six Flags where RussStone recorded the video above.

The "Dia De Los Deftones" is worth a road trip since it is after all their first annual festival!

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