El Paso has all kinds of fun for all ages! Something that has been an all-time fave is to go offroading. I for sure know of two places I sometimes go to for some fun in the sun and dirt! A lot of you also will know of the two places you can go offroading. The two places you fondly remember are the wall and red sands. I remember going to Red Sands with this dude Jesse who showed me the ropes. To those of you who know your way around deep inside the desert, props to you! I always need some kind of direction or someone to drive me in and out. There was also another place to go offroading that I definitely get lost at. The other offroading location is known as the Sac which is further East. Because I got lost so much in that area I had to have a designated driver.  Have you ever been so bad with directions especially in the dark you prefer to be a co-pilot? My dude friend Josh was the pilot ALL THE TIME. But then again if you didn’t have the appropriate vehicle you had to be scooped up. Hopefully, you remember the good times if you went out to the desert with family or friends. If you had to pick which spot has the best offroading ability for your vehicle, which would you vote best offroading spot? My favorite off-roading spot is featured above. It's from years ago when "The Tree" was was still around until it burned down.

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