These are crazy times we're living in, folks!

As if 2021 wasn't a big enough of a dumpster fire, El Paso felt a big boom and everyone wondered the same thing: is the world ending?!

Turns out, the El Paso boom was actually an explosion that happened in Juarez (totally normal, right?). The Juarez explosion only raised more questions because the boom was felt mainly on the East side of town.

After the boom, because we didn't even know it was just an explosion south of the border, many didn't know what to think! It felt like that time when El Paso had an earthquake in early 2020! Remember when that happened? Sheesh that feels like it was forever ago!

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Just like last time though, many El Pasoans took to Twitter to express themselves after the boom, and man, you guys did not disappoint!

Apparently, it was also felt in Central, where I live, but I didn't feel anything!

Not much to make our timeline's go crazy in El Paso!

The El Paso Boom is what it shall be referred to from now on!

No one knew what was happening!

For real I would panic if the boom was like this VengaBoys song!

Of course, El Pasoans waited for EP's number once source for chisme- FitFam to report on it!

For some, it felt like an episode of this insane show:

Could the boom have been a sign of what's to come in 2022?

This guy was as confused as I was!

And of course, the boom made some a little paranoid:

2021 couldn't end without a bang, or in this case, a boom.

And now, your official ranking of "bangs" in El Paso

Earthquake EP Memes



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