Earlier this week we heard that a rumor was circulating around Hollywood that after Daniel Craig's appearance as 007 in "No Time to Die", Tom Hardy would be taking over as the new James Bond. Nothing is official yet, an announcement of who will replace Daniel Craig is said to be made in November when "No Time to Die" premieres, granted that the premiere date doesn't change. I, for one, was very happy to hear that Tom Hardy could possibly replace Daniel because maybe this time, Tom Hardy's beautifully handsome face won't be covered!

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Look, the man is gorgeous- there's no denying that. But unfortunately for me, the movies that I've enjoyed him in, 80% or more of his face is covered. Take for example: "The Dark Knight Rises". He plays the villain Bane and not only is his handsome face covered, his voice is altered!

Also, "Mad Max Fury Road"

Okay, so in that one he does take his mask off at some point, but still!

Then there's the movie that I recently saw and liked but no one else liked; "Venom".

And then there's "Dunkirk"

Because of the certain circumstances the country finds itself under, I'm anticipating a lot of people to dress up as Bane or Max.

But if you're like me and wonder, why does he always hide his handsome face? There's apparently good reason. Christopher Nolan, director for "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Dunkirk", explains that Tom Hardy's eyes do all the acting.

"Of course Tom, being Tom, what he does with single eye acting is far beyond what anyone else can do with their whole body, that is just the unique talent of the man, he's extraordinary."

Translation: Tom Hardy's brooding stare can activate that WAP in an instant. They do say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Tom Hardy's eyes and eyebrows are the hardest working actor in Hollywood right now.

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