What in the ever-living Hell is wrong with people. If you have a weak stomach, stop reading now.

A dead, skinned dog was found in a dumpster on the west side of El Paso, outside a Sally's Beauty Supply store. An employee was headed out to the dumpster behind the store when she saw someone toss a bag in the dumpster and proceed to drive away.

The employee noticed that it looked like a dog in the dumpster, so she called Animal Services. When Animal Services arrived, they found a dog that had been skinned. The employee did provide a description of the man she saw to police.

A necropsy (autopsy for an animal) is scheduled and will help determine the severity of any charges if a guilty party is found. The charges could be as small as a fine for illegal dumping, a class C misdemeanor or third degree felony depending on the results of the necropsy.

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