Dead Sara have just released the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, 'Pleasure to Meet You.' The new song, 'Mona Lisa,' is accompanied by a music video featuring some good old-fashioned rock and roll debauchery.

'Mona Lisa' is an interesting step forward for Dead Sara. The unapologetically raw and beautifully bittersweet dynamics of the band has carried over to 'Mona Lisa,' while exploring new realms of soul and heavy riffing.

'Mona Lisa' starts off with finger snapping and humming that feels like it was imported straight from America's south. Frontwoman Emily Armstrong leads the song with her Kurt Cobain-meets-Stevie Nicks vocals while guitarist Siouxsie Medley drives 'Mona Lisa' forward with a beefy groove.

While taking many twists and turns, Dead Sara's new music video switches from being uncomfortable to quirky and fun, much like your classic high school house party. The characters at this party, however, are anything but normal youths. Picture a human version of the Island of Misfit Toys.

Dead Sara will release 'Pleasure to Meet You' in March via their own label, Pocket Kid Records. You can pre-order the album through Dead Sara's PledgeMusic page. With your pre-order, you'll receive an instant download of the track 'Suicidal.' Check out 'Mona Lisa' above!

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