Dave Grohl has been working hard on this and I can't wait to see it!  I (we) will be waiting a bit longer than some however.......  :(

Sound City premiers in a couple of weeks (Jan. 31) in 44 cities across the United States and in Canada.  The closest it gets to us though is either Albuquerque or Phoenix ... whichever makes the cooler road trip for you. (Phoenix gets 3 showings ... lucky bastards.)

The movie is about the legendary Sound City recording studio where just about everybody recorded in the 80s and 90s.  "Everybody" includes Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Ratt, Metallica and a LOT more.  Many of whom are featured in the movie!

The Neve console at Sound City ... that so many of these bands best recordings were done on ... is as legendary as the studio itself. As vital a piece of rock history as any location, instrument or even band!  (Another Neve console is in use right here in El Paso at Sonic Ranch!!)

Photo, sonicranch.com
Photo, sonicranch.com

There is some good news for us here in El Chuco though! :)  (And for anyone else that can't make any of these screenings!)

You can currently pre-order a DRM-free download of the movie!! The ‘Sound City’ soundtrack ... which is going to be awesome! ... should be out in March. If you want, you can pre-order that from iTunes.

Theater, at home, friends house, online ... whatever; I can't wait to see this movie!!

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