Stressed out by your kids? Well Dad Metal will help you get that anger out through song!

Funny or Die has the right idea on how to escape the harsh reality of annoying kids. Put all your frustration into moshing to Dad Metal. Your kid annoys you by leaving their socks everywhere? There is a song for that! They caught you and mommy wrestling? Yep, they have a song for that!

Parents deal with plenty of stress as they raise their children. Music is a great escape for that so this idea of an eight CD set by the people at Funny or Die, needs to really happen. The song titles are hilarious and I bet plenty of bands wouldn't mind putting their own style on these songs.

Ozzy Osbourne would probably be the best dad to headline this CD set since he is the unofficial dad of metal! Any father who encourages throwing a ham at annoying neighbors, is definitely the role model more kids need.

Watch the "commercial" for this amazing 'Dad Metal' CD set and download the real EP here! We have one CD down, so give us the other seven soon!

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