Customers who went to a New Mexico spa are being urged to go and get tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C after one customer got an infection. Customers of a spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico are being contacted by health inspectors after one customer of the spa contracted an infection possibly from the establishment. VIP Spa in Albuquerque was a location that customers could get the new and popular "Vampire facials," made popular by stars like Kim Kardashian. A vampire facial is when they take a person's blood and treat it to get a person's PRP (platelet-rich plasma) which is great for a person's skin. They then use a microdermabrasion treatment as well as the platelets to help a person's skin stimulate cell turnover.

Customers of the VIP Spa who received the vampire facial treatment may have been exposed to Hepatitis B, C and HIV. They are now urging those customers who received vampire facials to get tested for these diseases and to contact the health department.

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