If your Sunday Funday yesterday included a date, then you started cuffing season off the right way. Are you familiar with the term?

Once the weather starts to cool down, it seems like more and more people begin cuddling up together. Less going out, more staying in and watching movies. If you're not in a long-term relationship already, you might feel the urge to find someone to snuggle up with when the temperature starts to drop. The Fall ritual known as "cuffing season" starts on November 5th, right after Halloween.

So what is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing season is the time of year when the temperature drops, and shivering singles start searching for a cuddle buddy. The dating app Hinge says men are 15% more likely to search for a relationship during this time, so they don't have to be alone during the holidays and have a guaranteed person to snuggle and hang out at home with. According to Match.com's chief scientific advisor Helen Fischer, there's science behind it:

“With the shortening days of autumn, melatonin elevates in the brain—making people more sluggish and eager to lounge at home, preferably with a sweetheart. Then testosterone rises in November triggering even more desire to snuggle with a lover. By then, ‘cuffing season’ is in full bloom.”

There's more. During the summer months, men actually find women less attractive in the summer. During the summer months, women have more skin showing so men see it all the time. During the winter, women are more covered up and a study in 2008 showed that men's attraction to women changes with the seasons. They found men actually find women more attractive and tempting during the winter. Another study showed that both women and men have higher testosterone during the fall which increases sexual desires. Plus, the air is filled with the scents of pumpkin, vanilla and other delicious libido stimulating aromas.

So if you're feeling the cuffing season urge, now is the time to act! Before the short season slips away. Turns out, while the cooling down of the weather makes people start looking for lovers, when it gets too cold people simply don't want to date at all. So cuffing season doesn't even last a whole season. It's more of cuffing transition period. So go out there, slather yourself up with pumpkin spice lattes and vanilla frosting and look for that guy who wants to snuggle just as much as you do.

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