The town was bought by a group of friends who are now offering it, lock, stock and barrel, for less than the price of a small home in El Paso.

If you have always wanted your own ghost town, here's your chance to pick one up on the WAY cheap. There are some conditions for prospective owners though.

Rent it out as a film set, (it's actually been used to hold film festivals), charge peeps to take ghost tours, air b'nb it ... do whatever you want. You'll be the Mayor, the city council, the sheriff and every other shot-caller that matters so; who's going to stop you?

The city, (town, village, hamlet, wide spot in the road, whatever), of Lobo sits on 10 acres, off highway 90 between Van Horn and Valentine, Texas. (40 miles from 1 of 2 spaceports near El Paso.)

How Much Is Lobo, Texas And Why Is Lobo For Sale?

The owners are having trouble handling the upkeep so, Lobo is up for grabs at a measly $100,000.

That's, approximately, the cost of a small home, on a small lot here in El Chuco. An acre, (or less), of land alone on EP's far east side can run you $40K - $85. Here, here and here for example.

Home Sales Continue To Decline Nationwide
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Where Is Lobo, Texas?

Lobo is about 140 miles from El Paso, not far from Van Horn.

The owners won't sell to just anyone though ... investment buyers, peeps after water rights, (what water??), and folks after grazing land can look elsewhere.

An open house is planned for Memorial Day Weekend. For more details, click here.

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