Crime Stoppers of El Paso needed the public's help in identifying a woman who allegedly smashed the window of a homeowners car and caused damage to it after trying to hunt down her man's side chick. I say "needed" because Crime Stoppers of El Paso have updated all of the Sun City by saying the subject has been identified.

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But just in case you missed it, here's what happened.

Talk about a terrible case of mistaken identity! The subject was reportedly not even at the right house!

While it's great that this person has been identified, after the initial post it didn't take long for all of El Paso to dub her the Tóxica of the week! Especially once our favorite social media account got a hold of the story and posted it!

If you're wondering what a Tóxica even is, it just literally translates to "toxic woman" and usually refers to one in relationships where red flags are present- but also ignored. On the Morning Show we recently instituted "La Tóxica Tuesdays"- and I can only assume that it was a sheer coincidence that Crime Stoppers of El Paso released this story on a TUESDAY!

I think what stood out more to all of El Paso was that the alleged Tóxica was at the wrong house, allegedly. We may never know if she did find this Arlene! But at least this alleged Tóxica was found, but seriously, take the advice from FitFam:

Ma’am, please find a better man (and good attorney while you’re at it.)

Also, if you're wondering if you're dating a Tóxica- here are five signs that she is a Tóxica in El Paso!

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