A YouTube user named Arnie B posted this creepy video, it's the guts from a cricket.

Basically, this is what went down. Arnie wrote,'Stepped on a cricket and this crawled out of it.' What in the world is that? It looks like a damn alien or maybe it's a tiny octopus. A couple of people on reddit suggested that it could be a parasite. Specifically,  a hairworm .

Whatever it is, we can all agree that it's disgusting. The worm looking tentacles move for a whole 27 seconds before the video cuts off. I'm assuming they continued to grow big and ended up swallowing the cameraman whole.

And now we are all going to be eaten alive by these worm like aliens. Be prepared, charge your cell phones, buy cases of coke and order your chinese food! Good luck, it was nice knowing all of you.

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