When it comes to art in El Paso- there's an abundance of talent that comes from El Pasoans. From the amazing murals across the city to the artists who venture out of town to make it big, you can't deny that there are some very talented El Pasoans out there.

BEATRYE, is one of them. According to their website, BEATRYE is:

Creative Artist from El Paso, Texas. Currently living in Austin, Texas. Officially started making hip-hop music in 2014. Started producing in 2015. Been doing graphic design since 2014, and incorporated 3d graphic in 2020.

I don't even know how I ended up finding them, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon their work because it is definitely left me impressed.

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Their recent work, is a 3D model of the Sun City in it's wintery conditions- well, at least the conditions I think many El Pasoans wish we had for the holiday season! Check out BEATRYE's holiday greeting below:

It's an El Paso winter wonderland!

I love the iconic buildings used in the model, like the Wells Fargo building with the lit up tree we all know is the signal that Christmas is here; also the Chico's Tacos and Star on the Mountain. But I especially love the addition of the ASARCO tower in the background! Doesn't this look like it would make an awesome El Paso themed snow globe?

BEATRYE also did one of these for Halloween, and it is equally awesome:

BEATRYE is someone that wasn't on my radar but most definitely is now! You can find out more about BEATRYE through their website or their Instagram.

Seriously, turn that into a snow globe, I would buy it.

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