The Captain America movie came out in movies recently and here are somethings about Captain America that you probably didn't know about.

Having to still wear a mask when everybody already knows your secret identity anyway

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Nick Fury always threatening to hire Capt Mexico to do your job for one third the salary.

Why won't anyone explain why I don't get a gun, because it could really come in handy in some situations


Captain Canada always bragging about his free comprehensive health care

Penis still hasn't returned to normal size after being encased in ice for 70 years

Constantly worried that bad guys will eventual figure out all they have to do is shoot at me from 2 different directions and I’m done for.
Uh...I helped save the world from an alien invasion and defeated the you think Colonel America is too much to ask for?


Captain China always bugging you for the 50 billion dollars he loaned you.