We've all heard about or been around dead beat dads. The biological father of a child that barely exists in the child's life, if he's even around at all. The kind of guy that won't pay his half of things, like medical bills or school supplies. Which forces the mom to spend her evening filling out paperwork, in order to get the money that he legally owes for the child. Yup, a real winner. Well, this is not a story about a dead beat dad. It's about a guy who was NOT the father, but is still on the hook for a crap load of child support.

Imagine you are raising your own three kids, and your brother's two kids, and you get a notice that you have a kid you didn't know about. Well, that happened to Gabriel Cornejo. He and his ex agreed to a DNA test. Well, as Maury would say, "Gabriel... you are NOT the father!"

One problem though. back in 2003 when Cornejo's ex first went to a court saying that he was the only possible father, the state of Texas decided to assess child support payments, and they are still adding up. So Cornejo, now owes about $65,000.

Cornejo is hoping the court reopens the case, because if they don't, he's on the hook for the money and he'll either have to pay, or possibly go to jail.

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