Terry and Donna Claver are very happily married and have been for four decades. They recently had a ‘renewing of vows’ of sorts, all thanks to a broken toilet. It’s not as disgusting as it sounds. 

Back when they were first married, the Clavers had a small house and very little money. One night, while lotioning up her hands, Donna accidentally lost her ring down the toilet. The couple couldn’t afford to get it out unless they wanted to replace the entire toilet. Donna wound up forgetting about the ring but Terry just couldn’t get it out of his head. Talk about a month of paychecks down the crapper.

A few weeks ago, while working across the street from their old house (they had moved out years ago), Terry noticed some workers dragging out the old toilet.

A hard freeze had broken the toilet’s tank, and the hunters were about to throw the old toilet away. Remembering the lost ring, Terry climbed down off the roof, walked over to the hunters and told them he’d be happy to throw the old toilet away for them.

A couple whacks with a sledgehammer opened the toilet right up and Terry found the ring. Amazingly, the little sapphire seemed undamaged for the most part. Terry dipped it in paint thinner and wiped it clean.

It was a ‘bidet’ they’ll never forget.

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