I first visited El Paso back in 2012 and I must admit, I did have my concerns about moving here. I ended up not moving here until 2015, and it's the best decision I could have made. Even in just that 3 year span, the city has grown so much it's almost unrecognizable.

Someone over on Reddit, who currently lives in Indiana was wondering if her and her husband should make the more to El Paso. Here's her post.

Should I Move to El Paso? I Need the Sun.

My husband and I live near Indianapolis, IN. We hate the cold and lack of sun (seasonal depression), among other things. We've been researching to move for years. El Paso kept popping up on lists of good places to live. I've researched dozens of other places, but I always end up back at EP. Love the architecture, the scenery, the food options, the heat, the low cost of living, and the simplicity, and I want to improve my Spanish. We are introverts so the complaint that it's "boring" doesn't bother us. The city almost seems too good to be true.

Husband (31) is a semi truck driver with all endorsements except doubles. Currently hauls fuel. I (29) am a hairstylist. We have no kids and no house to sell here. We are going to visit EP in July. Do you think El Paso is a good fit? What's the catch?

Well, if they were heading out this week they'd get the full brunt of the heat as we're about to have a week straight of 100 plus degree weather and it's June just started. But based on the responses from others and the OPs reactions, they'll be moving here shortly.

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