Despite it being the holiday season there are still some people who don't mind lying for a helping hand. There are some people who are desperate enough to lie about anything just to make some money. Now we can't exactly pinpoint which people use the money we give for good things like food and drink instead of on a bad habit.

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But when people give money to others who are struggling is because we give from the heart. There are those who will sit or stand and hold a sign asking for money.

We have all seen some random people busting out with their instruments to play for pay in El Paso. I have even shared about a couple of guys like the guitar player off Lee Trevino or Mr. Saxobeat off Airway.

But there is a group traveling through the state of Texas that scam the listeners who are paying a false cause. The group of individuals pretends to play an instrument for random strangers for monetary donations.

Other cities in Texas that have witnessed this are Austin, San Antonio, Tyler, Houston, College Station, Temple, Waco, and Killeen. I won't be surprised if the parking lot scammers make their way to El Paso, Texas.

But if they do, now you know and are aware of the situation about the parking lot scammers traveling through Texas to fake people out for money. You can see the news clip from KETK NBC's YouTube featured above. But I know I can count on all the El Paso people to call them out and also film them to send to The Real Fit Fam El Paso.

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