There are some people who will put in work to make a penny in El Paso. Last year I had shared about a dude who rocked it for his money on Lee Trevino Dr. in October. If you didn't read about it you can click here to see it.

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But that dude on Lee Trevino Dr. would bust out his guitar and start jamming out to drivers waiting at the lights. Well, he sure caught my attention with his pretty dope guitar skills.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

Well, it was a pleasure when I came across another man who was playing for his money. It was a couple of months ago, I encountered the saxophone player waiting in traffic at the turnaround at Airway Blvd. and Gateway East.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

This man was carrying around what looked to be a green plastic container for his tips. I was lucky to be stopped in traffic at the perfect spot to snap a shot of him playing.

And if I may say, he played just as great as the Lee Trevino Blvd. rocker. But you got to admit the musicians who play at busy intersections sure provide the entertainment.

For me, it was a good couple of minutes I was lucky to get to hear Airway Blvd. Mr. Saxo-beat. In all honesty, seeing different individuals around El Paso playing reminds me of waiting at the lights in Juarez.

I especially enjoyed the show a family would put on for people waiting to cross back over to the United States. The dad would play the saxophone while the son played the drums for drivers waiting in those long lines.

We also can't forget the Salvation Army bell shakers who can shake a beat for a donation. So, don't forget to spare any change the next time you see someone playing for money.

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