The top 3 methods by which El Pasoans have most recently contracted COVID 19 in the El Paso area have been identified by El Paso city "contact tracers".

According to a report posted by KFOXTV, city "contact tracers" have identified the top 3 places in which El Pasoans contacted COVID 19 recently as shopping, (37%), dining out at restaurants, (22.5%), and travel to the country of Mexico. (19%)

According to the KFOX - TV story:

“With a surge in COVID positive cases reported across the country, we have seen the highest number of positive cases in El Paso since the pandemic began,” said City Manager Tommy Gonzalez. “According to the Johns Hopkins University, thirty-two states reported rising COVID-19 infections, and have warned that hospitalizations are starting to go up in 75 percent of the jurisdictions across the country. There has been a dramatic surge throughout the country and El Paso is not immune.” - kfoxtv

The city of El Paso recently announced a curfew from 10pm - 5am to try and help slow the COVID 19 spread and had also recently modified the hours and policies by which restaurants in El Paso could operate. Fort Bliss officials recently took things a step farther by banning all military personnel from dining in restaurants both on and off post. The military ban also includes the family members of Fort Bliss personnel, as well as Department of the Army civilian employees, and contractors.

For more info and updates related to the COVID 19 pandemic, you can access a number of city websites, including the following:

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