Corey Taylor is gearing up to release his new solo album and he sat down with Lisa to talk about new music and more. Corey Taylor is known as the lead singer of Slipknot Stone Sour and a man who has no problem speaking his mind. So when Lisa from the Buzz Adams Morning Show was able to have a socially distanced interview with Taylor she jumped. Corey is more likely to share exactly what's on his mind, no matter what. Unfortunately, we weren't the only two people talking so I had a limited time frame to pick Crey's mind but I got in as many good questions I could.

Obviously, since we were conducting the interview over a video the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way the music industry operates currently. Corey Taylor was able to film a music video for his new single "CMFT" and there wasn't a mask in sight, so I had to ask if the COVID-19 pandemic had any effect on the video shoot. The single "CMFT" also features the legend TechN9ne and UK rapper Kid Bookie. Bookie is still an up and coming rapper across the pond so it was surprising to see Taylor put him on such a significant single. Taylor and Bookie linked up on Twitter and he discussed how he decided he wanted to work with the young MC.

In the new "CMFT" video, Corey Taylor is seen walking around with a pretty badass title belt, reminiscent of the type worn by wrestling or MMA fighters. After seeing the belt, I fell in love and wanted one so I had to know what his inspiration was for the belt. I thin was the funniest part of the interview, when I found out that he actually was already getting the belt made before he decided he wanted it on the cover of his new solo album. And to all the fans out there wondering, Corey does let me know if you will be able to purchase a belt similar to his in the future.

Finally, after all that wrestling and champion belt talk, we had to get into some wrestling questions. His new single "CMFT" is perfect as an entrance song, or even the theme song for a Pay-Per-View. That brings up the question if WWE, NXT, or AEW all wanted the song, who would he allow using the music? It's a tough question and he knew it. Find out his answer in the video above. CMFT will be released on October 2nd via Roadrunner Records.

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