Corey Taylor says that when people pick up "Seven Deadly Sins," they'll be reading his actual words.  In a website interview with "That Metal Show's" Jim Florentine, the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman says he didn't -- and wouldn't -- work with a ghost writer on the project.
Taylor explains that it was more important to him that "Seven Deadly Sins" be authentic than to have an instant best-seller.  He says his goal was simply to create something genuine that readers would enjoy, not to gain greater fame and fortune from the effort.  Corey adds that he's "really happy" with the feedback he's received on the book so far.  With "Seven Deadly Sins" the rocker is using the religious concept as a template to tell his life story.  He's also trying to debunk the notion that it's evil to indulge in these "sins," and cites his own experiences as proof that engaging in such vices can lead to personal growth.  Taylor's "Seven Deadly Sins" is in stores now.