Everyone is bound to get pulled over at least once in their lifetime of driving. Sometimes you get a ticket, sometimes it's just a warning, either way it's a waste of time. Don't get me wrong cops are just trying to keep the roads safe, but I have been pulled over mostly for my window tint being too dark and questioned for carrying Windex while just walking.

If you have been caught being pulled over multiple times, the great people at Thrillist have created a list of ways you can possible get out of a ticket, according to actual police officers RJ Beam and Matt Episcopo.

Smile and Wave

  • When you pass a cop speeding about 5 or 10 over and wave while SLOWING DOWN, they might just let you go for acknowledging your mistake.

Radar Detector

  • If you have a radar detector and it goes off, you probably don't have a chance of getting out of a ticket. Once the radar detector starts sounding, you are already caught breaking the law.

Activate Turn Signal but Stop Quickly If Siren is On

  •  If you turn on your turn signal as soon as you get pulled over you are letting the officer know that you know you are getting pulled over, just looking for a safe spot. If you hear the siren from the officers car, it doesn't matter if the spot is safe you need to pull over ASAP. The cop considers the area safe so you should just trust him and pull over.

License and Registration

  • Have your license and registration ready when the officer arrives at your window. If it is deep inside the cave called your glove box, then keep your hands on the wheel and tell the cop about your information being trapped underneath a pile of madness. You don't want to give them the wrong impression that you are fumbling around for a weapon or something.

Kissing Up to a Cop

  • Kiss up to a cop BEFORE they get back to their car to write out your ticket. IF they don't laugh before leaving, you are most likely going to receive a ticket.

Make them Laugh

  • If you aren't the type to kiss ass then you should try to make them laugh. Officer Mike told Thrillist of a time when he pulled over a man who was having a bad day and he mad him laugh by showing him a child covered in taco meat.

Don't be short but don't be long with the conversation

  • If you are too short with a cop, they will find you suspicious. If you are too long with the conversation than that will also be suspicious, so find a happy medium.


  • If you admit and are sincerely sorry for what you did, you might just walk away with a warning.

Being part of military or law enforcement

  • Mentioning that you know/have a family member as a cop, along with having military or clergy as a personal friend can help a cop look kindly upon it.

I am not saying these are 100% effective but they increase your odds. The best way to not receive a ticket is to NOT BREAK THE LAW. Just saying.

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