From the time we all realize that we're alive and valuable, certain things catch our eye. Some collect baseball cards, old toys. Not me, I collect guitar picks!

Ever since my very first Balloon Festival back in 2009, I have had the great privilege of meeting some of rock's coolest and that's where my obsession began. A comedian named, China man hooked me up with the guitar picks I will never let go of, Chinaman was a friend of Dimebag (guitarist in Pantera/Damaged Plan. He gave me a number of picks that Dime was supposed to hand out at the Namm convention. Unfortunately, Dime was murdered. So the guitar picks have become one of my most cherished possessions.

I have a huge collection ranging from Cheap Trick, Sully Erna, Queensryche, just name a few. I need to put them into a folder with the dates but I haven't got there yet. So with all of life's nuances, what kind of habits have taken you to the far ends of the world to collect?