This came up because we were talking about Joanna’s article about tacos. According to Joanna Barba, if it’s on a flour tortilla, it ISN’T a taco. I don’t know if that’s a controversial opinion but I feel like this is:


In my opinion, hamburgers are better on two slices of white bread as opposed to buns. I don’t expect restaurants to have this option but, if I grill burgers at home and I HAVE hamburgers buns and a loaf of bread, my preference is the bread. Ideally, white bread. IDEALLY, ideally Wonder Bread. If I only have wheat, I still prefer that over a bun.

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Comedy fans might recognize this as the “welfare burger” as described by Eddie Murphy in “Raw”…

For me, a standard hamburger bun is just too much bread. What I usually do is remove the top bun and just eat it as an open-face sandwich. Not with a fork and knife or anything; I just remove 2/3 of the bread component because the top bun is so much larger than the bottom bun.


I want to be very clear about one thing: I’m NOT doing this as any part of a “diet”. I don’t care about counting calories and I have no problem at all with gluten.

I just prefer a Wonder bread burger. I also love the way the Wonder bread soaks up some of the juices from the meat, condiments, and other ingredients. That’s why I don’t toast the bread. Just two plain slices of white bread.

I’m not alone on this. Joanna said she agrees! That means two-thirds of the MoSho staff prefer Wonder to the bun. Who knows? Maybe there are enough of us out there that some restaurants might start offering Wonder Bread as an option!

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