I was remembering the time Badflower performed in El Paso last year. The band put on such a good concert even Izzy (my unborn daughter then) kicked a lot during the show. I a not sure about you but I have been having concert withdrawals lately. Thanks to the withdrawals I started scrolling through my camera feed. I came across a video I had of my favorite song from Badflower I recorded that their show that night. It took the entire night and finale of the show to hear my favorite song "Heroin" that night. Badflower held their concert at the LowBrow Palace near Cincinnati last year.

If you were unable to attend the show you can see a clip of them singing my favorite song of theirs above. Badflower performed at the LowBrow Palace on Thursday, October 17, 2019. By that time I was about 3 months away from popping out my second child. I am glad I took every opportunity to attend every concert I could before the pandemic postponed and canceled most tours. According to Loudwire Nights one particular band that said they wouldn't be touring in 2020, which was Ghost. I am starting to believe the band Ghost may have had a premonition about how this year turned out to be.

I was looking forward to seeing Deftones this coming August in Albuquerque but so much for that. Covid-19 has left bands with nothing else to do but either reschedule or cancel their tour entirely. So if you're also experiencing concert withdrawals, feel free to hear "Heroin" performed live above.

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Coronavirus Pandemic: Which Tours and Festivals Are Canceled (and Not)?

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