You can get high anywhere you want in Colorado, but to see the chi-chis, you'll have to stick to strip clubs.

Fort Collins' city council voted to uphold a ban on topless women. People were flocking to Colorado for the legal ganja and, I have a feeling, lifting (no pun intended) this particular ban would have totally brought in everybody else. The vote was actually closer than many expected. 60.9% voted against women legally going topless, barely more than half.

The city's public nudity policy was amended but, only for women who are breastfeeding, places where nudity is reasonably expected. (locker rooms, bathrooms, etc) and medical emergencies. Would coughing or sneezing be considered a medical emergency? Hiccups? How old do you have to be on the breastfeeding one?

Potential loopholes there but, for now, it's Pot - 1, Boobies - 0.

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