The second best thing about the Super Bowl has GOT to be the commercials!  An ad for Coca Cola though is already creating a controversy 3 days before the game.

The ad depicts several classic Hollywood sterotypes in a "Greatsest Race" scenario trying to get to a huge bottle of coke.  Arab Americans are claiming the ad depicts Arabs in an unfavorable light.

Seriously?  First of all, the ad is recreating a bunch of classic Hollywood stereotypes or "characters"; not trying to insult anyone.  Actually, ANY of the characters in this ad could make the same racist claim. (And in my book, they would be full of crap as well.)

On an even more absurd note, the people claiming the ad is racist are also complaining that the arab character can't be voted on to win the coke in the commercial.  They're pretty much saying: "You are wrong to do this; it's racist. However, I must insist on my right to vote in favor of my racially demeaned character."

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for IMG
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for IMG

I, personally, am upset that:

1)  Kate Uptons not in it. (That's another blog though.)

2)  There are no vatos in the ad!!

I think I know why though .......

They stayed right here in El Chuco where you can still get the Coke "hecho en Mexico" with real sugar!!  :)

What do you guys think?

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