Former El Paso Chihuahua Cody Decker is hanging up his cleats and it couldn't have been a more perfect ending. As he said:

If I was writing a movie, that’s the way I would want to end it.

His final at bat was his 3,367th. That at bat ended with a game winning home run. With the completion of his 11 year baseball career it looks like he's coming back to El Paso.

Decker has accepted an executive director position for here in the Sun City with the hopes of building his own baseball school. The goal of the program is to get as many boys and girls educated through college by means of baseball and softball. Decker said:

This is a passion project for me. It’s something I really care about. El Paso is a place I love and I hope that I can make it a destination for baseball dreams to come true. I’ve always wanted to do this and I’m extremely lucky to be in a position where we can. I’m so excited, over the moon about it.

Decker and his wife, Jenn Sterger, have also signed a 3-year deal with Entercom to host a three-hour live national radio show and a once-a-week podcast.

Decker's career includes many highlights:

  • Decker was once named the Arizona League MVP, beating out a guy by the name of Mike Trout.
  • He had 6 All Star Game appearances
  • He has his SAG card (Screen Actors Guild)

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