You've probably seen it all over social media, but the warning for a deadly amoeba at our local water park is thankfully fake.

Over the weekend, a press release seemingly from the City of El Paso went viral online, stating that something had been discovered at Wet N' Wild Waterworld, the local waterpark in El Paso. The press release quickly went viral, stating that a deadly disease had been discovered at the waterpark in Anthony, Texas.

"Water samples collected at the waterpark have also tested positive for the disease. The park has chosen to remain in operation regardless of professional recommendation to close for quarantine for two weeks."

The release also stated that people could catch the deadly amoeba from large swimming pools, like the wave pool, and that it entered people's bodies through their nose and traveled to their brains.

Thankfully, after this press release went viral, the City of El Paso and Wet N' Wild have come forward to deny that there is a deadly amoeba at the waterpark. The City of El Paso put this up on their Facebook page:

"The Communication and Public Affairs Office has been made aware of a fictitious press release that is going around on social media that inappropriately uses the City of El Paso's letterhead. This press release that attempts to appear as a message from the Department of Public Health is fake and is not an official message from the City of El Paso. There is no current health notice from the Department of Public Health on this type of topic."

We would like to remind the public that unauthorized use of the City Seal, letterheads, and other communication materials is not allowed.

So feel free to enjoy Wet N' Wild as much as you want this summer!

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