When it comes to talking about Immigration, El Paso will sure as hell be mentioned! A perfect example is when the American talk show The View had on American rapper, singer, and songwriter Pitbull. He had a lot to say about the whole Immigration crisis that has been going on. Pitbull made a statement about how Mexico isn't crossing the border, that the border crossed Mexico. Pitbull also put truth into our country's name, "We are the United States of America, not the Divided States of America."

At first, we started being recognized after Khalid would mention us and our famous Scenic Drive. But lately, our city of El Paso has been mentioned a lot when it comes to Immigration. It was awesome to see Pitbull mention two Texas cities in his speech with the ladies. Those two Texas cities that were mentioned by Pitbull were San Antonio and El Paso. You can see what Pitbull had to say in the video above from his appearance on The View a few months ago above!


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