Lustfulness was a factor in defining the most sinful cities in the USA and the two largest cities in New Mexico both made the list, along with El Paso.

Over 180 American cities were rated based on criteria that included the reported rates of violent crime, excessive drinking and the number of adult entertainment and gambling spots, per capita, among other things.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, broke the top 100 most sinful cities list, coming in at #70. El Paso's neighbor Las Cruces, the 2nd largest city in New Mexico, came in at a fairly tame 146.

El Paso landed pretty close to Cruces, coming in at 148.  The top 10 list had no New Mexico cities at all and only 1 Texas city made it. (Houston at #4) Here is the full top 10:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. St, Louis
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Houston
  5. Atlanta
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Denver
  8. Chicago
  9. Baton Rouge (I really expected New Orleans to show here before BR.)
  10. Phoenix

The criteria used to determine the "sinfulness" of each city involved things like:

  • Lust - The number of adult entertainment establishments per capita.
  • Excess and Vices" - The number of DWI arrests, drug usage, smokers, etc.
  • Greed - The number of casinos and peeps who reported gambling addictions.
  • Vanity - The number of tanning salons, plastic surgeons, etc.
  • Laziness - TV watching rates, number of folks who say they don't exercise, etc.
  • Anger/Hatred - Number of bullying cases, assaults and other violent crimes.

For more details on what was studied and more examples of what each category was actually comprised of, you can click here.

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