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    Chris Weidman KO’s Anderson Silva At UFC 162 [Video/Audio]

    After talking to Josh Gross on Saturday on Crunchtime about the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman UFC 162 title fight, we both thought that Silva would win the fight because he’s the best fighter in the UFC.

    What we couldn’t predict is that Anderson Silva would take Chris Weidman lightly and would start disrespecting Weidman by show boating during the fight. And because of that, the impossible happened…Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva!

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    Dwight Howard Leaves Lakers, Joins The Rockets [Photo]

    The Dwight Howard sweepstakes finally has come to an end as the 7 time NBA All Star posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing a red Houston Rockets jersey.

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    Former UTEP Miner Julyan Stone Signs With Toronto Raptors

    During the last two seasons, Julyan Stone has had trouble getting his NBA career underway because of injuries. The former Miner point guard has seen little playing time with the Denver Nuggets but hoped to get an expanded opportunity next season. Stone might get his wish but it will be in Canada and not the Mile High City. Earlier today, he signed a two year contract to play with the Toronto Raptors.

    doug pensinger/getty images
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    WTF? This First Pitch Is Crazy [VIDEO]

    This is rhythmic gymnast, Shin Soo-Ji and lets just say the girl has some crazy skills. And balance for that matter. Did I mention she is kind of cute?

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    Angry Argentine Soccer Fans Throw Furniture At Team President [Video]

    Here’s proof that soccer fans take their sport way to serious. Check out this video in which fans stormed a stage armed with desks and chairs while the president of Argentine soccer team Independiente held a meeting with fans at the end of their disappointing season.

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