Chris Kattan is in El Paso (for his very first time!) performing at the Comic Strip Wednesday and Thursday nights, and stopped by the Buzz Adams Morning Show on Wednesday and chatted about his 8.5 seasons on SNL, A Night at the Roxbury, how he became friends with Keanu Reeves and told us the saddest high school dating story ever.

Kattan, best known for his characters Mr. Peepers and Mango on Saturday Night Live, was just as hilarious in person, although luckily none of us got a mouthful of apple spit in our faces. He talked about his start in the Groundlings improv group and told us about his audition for SNL, part of which aired during the recent 40th Anniversary Special:

Kattan says he auditioned around the same time as Will Ferrell, and said he performed his Mr. Peepers (a character he developed while in the Groundlings as part of a challenge to write the worst sketch possible) in the audition, which was narrated by a boombox he brought with him since no one else was allowed on stage with him. He didn't originally make it on the show, and was later asked to join the cast mid-season. Moving to New York City for SNL was Kattan's first time ever in the city and he said he thinks the SNL crew was messing with him by putting the new guy in an office with the well-established David Spade:

Kattan also discussed the inspiration for the Night at the Roxbury characters coming from a real-life dude he and Farrell saw out at a bar one night.

Perhaps the greatest (and most depressing) story Kattan told us stemmed from talking about the show Bollywood Hero he was a part of, and his telling how he convinced Keanu Reeves to appear on the show, which lead to him telling the saddest high school dating story ever:

You can get tickets to see Kattan at The Comic Strip here and you can follow him on Twitter (and you totally should!) here. 


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