Chris Jericho isn't just a professional wrestler but a rockstar and now possibly a rapper? Holy Hell! What else can Chris Jericho add-on to the list of things he can accomplish?!

He was featured on Drop The Mic  which is a Television show that is featured on  TBS Network. Can you imagine if Chris Jericho wanted to explore another music genre after this rap battle? He was up against Laila Ali and you can see Chris definitely had some fun with it! But Laila did knock him down with some cold hard truths during her rap. Towards the finale of their rap session, you can tell the crowd was being wooed by Laila Ali with her hits below the belt! This show will make you laugh so hard since you see celebrities stepping out of their comfort zone. One thing I am so glad to see is Chris Jericho doing something that is the complete opposite of what he is normally used to doing. Chris Jericho is used to physically fighting in the ring and scream-singing at the top of his lungs in Fozzy.

Now, who do you think will win this rap battle between the professional wrestler and the former professional boxer?