Chris Cornell's widow Vicky Cornell spoke to Abc Nightline about that tragic night Chris took his life. Vicky recalls that night and made a statement that I also believe is truthful. Everyone knows medicines sometimes don't always help us and can affect us in a bad way. Every Chris Cornell fan would also stand by what Vicky had to say about her husband's death.

According to the medical examiner he had a cocktail of pills which didn't help Chris much. Vicky said he loved his life and never would have taken his life and blames the pills. Vicky partnered up with addiction advocate Jessica Hulsey Nickel to launch a center for addiction addicts. When you're an addict your mind is not in the right mindset and messes with your way of thinking. Vicky also mentioned his family was his everything and wouldn't have taken his life if he was sober.

Hearing her story about that night and how she had tried to send help to his room will give you the biggest lump in your throat. It was sad to see how Vicky blames herself for what had happened to her soulmate, Chris Cornell. Be sure to grab the tissues when you watch her interview with Nightline about Chris Cornell.

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