The Child Crisis Center of El Paso is asking for the community to donate any unwanted suitcases or luggage for kids that are staying at the shelter. The Child Crisis Center of El Paso is an emergency shelter that cares for newborns to kids up to 13 years old. The shelter's guests are kids that are suffering from abuse, neglect, and/or suffering from a family crisis. The kids are able to get healthy meals, clean clothes, a warm bed and finally, a safe place to rest and live. The Child Crisis Center does everything in its power to keep the kids happy and occupied so they can focus on things other than the trauma that brought them into the shelter. The Child Crisis Center also works diligently to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect in our community, through education, assistance services, and other means. Since 1980, the Child Crisis Center has been serving the borderland's children and continues to do so.

The Child Crisis Center will sometimes reach out to the community through their social media pages to ask for help raising funds or getting donations to help them continue their valuable work. Right now, when a child leaves the Child Crisis Center, they are forced to put their belongings in a trashbag that they tale to their next location. The shelter wants to give the kids something more permanent that can be something they keep. The Child Crisis Center is looking for luggage donations to put the items kids have acquired there in. If you have a suitcase that's in good condition that you don't use or need, the Child Crisis Center of El Paso is asking you to donate it to their shelter. Just imagine how much better a kid would feel, having something more permanent for them to keep and call their own.

You can drop off any luggage donations to the Child Crisis Center, located at 2100 North Stevens Street in Central El Paso. You can call before dropping off your donations to see what time is best for the center to receive donations. The Child Crisis Center can be reached at (915) 562-7955.

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