A elementary school student in Colorado is being tested for STDs after mistaking a used condom for a balloon. 

AN 8 year-old boy in Bennett, Colorado is being tested for sexually transmitted diseases after he found a used condom on the playground of Bennett Elementary School. After finding the condom, he mistook the prophylactic for a balloon and attempted to blow it up.

The teacher found the boy with the "balloon" in his mouth. When she took the condom out of his mouth, she realized what it was. The teacher emailed the boy's mother and told her she had him wash his hands and mouth, but admitted the condom "wasn't fresh, it looked like it had been used."

The Elementary school staff member threw the condom out, so it wasn't available to be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. For the next year, the boy must go through routine blood tests, to make sure he did not contract any diseases from the contraceptive.

You can read more at The Denver Channel website.