I love Mexican food. Okay, I love food in general, but Mexican food is right up there in the top of the list with Japanese and Chinese. The order shuffles around depending on the day. There are only a few things I don't like in my Mexican food, or really any food. I don't do lengua. Sorry, not going to happen. I don't do nacho cheese, it's horrible. But most of the rest of it I love.

One of my favorites?

It took me a little time to come to grips with the whole enchiladas montadas thing. I don't know why. I love chicken enchiladas, I love eggs. But I never really could get my head around putting the two together.

Until I finally did it.

What the hell was wrong with me? THIS IS AMAZING! An over-easy egg on top of some great chicken enchiladas (red or green, I'm easy)? Yes, please! I'll take two. Or three. Or as many as you want to put on the plate. I dig the chicken, I'm not down with just cheese and onions, since I'm not really a big onion fan anyway, but I need a little more sustenance in my meal than just cheese and onions. Shredded chicken, tortillas, refried beans and spanish rice...a couple short steps from Mexican food nirvana!

If that's not far from Mexican food nirvana, then what's better?

You can bet I'll be chowing down this Saturday at the Mexican Food Cook-off downtown, much to my belt's dismay. I heard Avila's will be there, so I'm going to see if they bring my favorite Mexican dish. If not, I'll just have to head over and get it for lunch. Hmmm...maybe tomorrow?