Cheech Marin has been showing so much love for our El Paso Chihuahuas for quite some time now! The majority of the times you've seen him sporting a Chihuahuas shirt is usually when he's around the greens.

Cheech Marin has been sporting the El Paso Chihuahuas shirts since 2014. Last year he was wearing a Chihuahuas shirt when he was going through a drive-thru in Las Vegas. Just yesterday, Cheech Marin took a selfie while holding Mary Jane and uploaded it to his Instagram.  He had a beautiful view in the background and of course, was sporting our El Paso Chihuahuas...again! Although his title for the picture was a true statement that a lot of Apple users can relate to. It feels good to know he takes pride in our Tripe-A baseball team by sporting Chihuahuas gear. Earlier this year he was in El Paso for the opening of the Chicano Art Collection. Cheech is definitely no stranger to El Paso and helping El Paso not be so much of a stranger to others! Cheech Marin has a lot of fans and followers on his social media and helps put us on the map. You also got to check out the comments your fellow El Pasoan's wrote on Cheech's selfie. I saw a bunch of comments from a lot of you that included 915, Chuco, and EPTX which all are referring to the city of El Paso.

It would be awesome to run into Cheech Marin at an actual El Paso Chihuahua's game someday!