Since it's almost Halloween, a Las Cruces author is allowing some of his horror stories to be downloaded for free!

Las Cruces author Ron Washburn has written several westerns, (one of which could become a movie), and some horror stories as well. Since it's almost Halloween, he's giving away 2 of his horror stories!  Ron is offering "The Macabre Coed"  and another book, "Sex, Blood and Barbeque Sauce" free as E-books on Kindle.  Click on the links to get the freebies.

Dubbed the "filth of Mesilla" in a recent Las Cruces Sun - News editorial due to the scenarios described in "The Macabre Coed, (which is set at NMSU, in Cruces!), Ron's works of horror and gore are perfect for the Halloween season.  And the price is right too!

Check out more books by Ron Washburn here and, as always, support our local artists, writers, musicians, painters and other artisans. For a (really) brief bio of Ron, click here.

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